** How to Repair bricked Lenovo a6000

I Know guys How u Bricked Your lenovo a6000 phones Because of its lollipop update !!
Lollipop is still have lot of buys !! like its Lagging too much and whatsapp img is not downloading as i noticed.


At first i also crazy about how is the update of lenovo will give but when i install in i got stuck with it !! 
then i permanently install the twrp recovery as my recovery but it giving me error like data not mount/ 
So i cant even install the lollipop rom again because i formatted all its data ..So now i don't have permission to access !!
Its giving me the mount error !! 

Solution Story:-1.So i decided to first flash the "Lollipop Stock Recovery" 
2.then i go to the recovery of stock lollipop and format all the data !!
3.Now......i again install the twrp recovery but this time temporary!!

Download All The necessary Things from below:--

From Pc download All Threcovery inimal+ADB+&+Fastboot+Tool+(Win) ---->> 

2.lenovo drives installed in your pc(cable driver for lenovo a6000).

3.stock lollipop recovery.  ---->>> http://techblurr.blogspot.in/2015/09/stock-lollipop-recovery-for-lenovo.html

4.twrp recovery based on 5.0 version---->>http://www.techolaty.com/install-twrp-recovery-on-lenovo-a6000-lollipop/

5.Lenovo a6000 lollipop image( img file have many files but only put system.img to sd card of yourZ)  ----->> http://www.techolaty.com/download-lenovo-a6000-lollipop-update/

You can also use Original Stock Lenovo a6000 Rom(== Check my other post for Revert back from Lollipop to kitkat )

Steps to Install Recovery and then install Rom(all things you downloaded from above..We can use them here one by one)

1.First Extract the Minimal+ADB+&+Fastboot+Tool+(Win) (or anything u got from google abd and fastboot driver in same folder!!)
1.2 Step :-- ok now go to the folder ..inside the folder hold shift and then right click.... then u see the option "open with command propmt or windows here.(it will open cmd prompt )
1.2 step=open cmd (start->run->cmd)
Then type: cd \
type again:cd E:\myfolder\minimal-fastbootdriver folder name
note:E is the drive letter .. you have to write the exact folder name expandedly.

3.now plugin your lenovo a6000 without battery just plug it on computer with data cable (without battery).
NOTE: Below recovery.img is your lollipop stock recovery (You should put that recovery.img in Minimal+ADB+&+Fastboot+Tool+(Win) Folder .

Type command in cmd prompt!

fastboot flash recovery recovery.img


##Phone Instrution below-

4.remove cable.. put your battery on your phone & press and hold both vol+ and vol- key !! then Power key to open the recovery system.

 now it will take you to stock recovery in ur phone... do format your whole data with the recovery option!!

5.Then connect phone with data cable again without battery
Type These command in cmd prompt

NOTE below  : This time recovery.img should be the file of Twrp recovery image(it will be in any name u download from site but must change recovery.img name as per the name written which you downloaded form sites & Noted down that it should be in same folder of Minimal+ADB+&+Fastboot+Tool+(Win).

 fastboot boot recovery.img  

(temporary set recovery command )
Now you installed Successfully The Twrp recovery.

((( ( permanent cmd to set twrp to your default recovery system

fastboot flash recovery recovery.img

Now every time want to go to the recovery system just switch off phone & press & hold both vol+ and vol- key !! then Power key to open the recovery system.

6.now twrp recovery opened in your phone !! just go to "wipe" option then "Advance" then select(mark) all the thing except sdcard(it should be unmarked) in the option  i.e wipe all...  data,system,etc.

then go back to home in twrp then press "install" option

choose sd card in that.. here upper option for changing the drive!
choose the system.img file here okk..

system.imgis the file you downloaded from "lollipop image"

JUST INSTALL THE SYSTEM.ZIP FILE ....IT will take time to install !!
also give your some message that system is "busy" !!

After that it say its done.,..now reboot it wait for some time (you can also see that twrp recovery say no O/s is install just ignore it the reboot! !!