A WonderFul App (Boost Ram) For Lenovo a6000

Lenovo A6000 is Slow or laggy ..Because of its VIBE UI.

Now here is some Technique To Reduce A Lagness

1.Clear the Cache Which is daily Genrated By No. The Number of Apps u Installed or Use.

How to Clear the Cache 

Just Install The Clockworkmod recovery ..Its has option to clear cache.


Restart ur phone Daily. It may free up Ram. Somehow. Or Install App called

CM(clearn Master) Its also have to clear cache.

NOTE:-Below App can affect ur device So Don't use if u don't want to

you may lose your Home button and option buttion in desktop.  

Make Sure U Backup ur device  Using Clockworkmod.

Now. The Main part An App Which Tweaks Your Build Info. And

Has 3 Features:

1.battery-Battery Boost.
2.Speed- Only boost the ram... other feature shuts.
3.Stock-Back to stock feature.
But After using This u may lose control over the home and option key of destop
so backup before use.

Here is the Link.

Click here To Download

 If U Don't reed the NOTE & Used it.. So Use This app called "Button Savior"

The app generally use for those smartphones which does not have Home,Option,back Button.

 Click here To Download

 it may gain access to the Loss buttons  !!