**Error Free/Less bug Best Suited Rom for Lenovo A6000

Hello guys .. 
Today i m gonna tell you about The Best Suited Rom for lenovo a6000.

I dont't use The custom roms b'coz they sucks .. do u Know why.. 
1.Any of the Custom ROM  have da Best quality camera App.(Best reason i have)
2.App to Sd features are missing on some of them. probably u can solve this problem by installing 3rd party apps
3.Battery backup of stock rom is Actualy good enough. 
4.some custom u install are just waste coz they wrks like Stock Vibe ui.. free400mb of ram.. then after installation of 20 app install & it goes down to 150-200mb free ram.

I Guess you guys r pretty bored with dat explain or somthin.

Here I preferred u kitkat version best...
i really dont bet on lollipop verion.

1.Cm11 based on 4.4.4

2.Pacman Rom based on 4.4.4

Now Some Lollipop based-
1. Mokee rom.. Best one enhance fixed version of 5.1 lollipop version


Based on Android 6 (Marshmallow)


That It. If U know The Other Best suitable Rom. out their Comment here.. We will Update it.. so That others can see.
Keep Helping ..ya